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Q. What Is Business Credit?

A. Business Credit Are Organic Net 30 Accounts That Stay And Report To Your
Dunn & Bradstreet Profile.

Q. Is My Social Security Number Needed To Get Business Credit?

A. No, your number is never used, always attached to the EIN of the company.

Q. Are The Net 30 & Other Accounts Permanent Or Temporary?

A. All Trade-Lines Go With Your Corporation, Creating Value & Assets.

Q. If My Corporation Is Less Than 1 Month Old, Can I Build Business Credit?

A. Yes, Your Corporation Can Be One Day Old, To Get Started.

Q. Can I Use A Post Office Box For My Business Address?

A. No, you will be denied, use a physical address, if you don’t have one, we have affordable virtual addresses available.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Build Business Credit?

A. You Will Begin Immediately, From To Start To Finish, About 6 Months. Providing You Do Your Part, Paying Bills On Time and Being Accountable. We suggest you never Stop Building Business Credit It’s Ongoing Enjoy.

Q. Do I Receive A Complimentary Trip To Vegas Or Cancun?

A. Yes, Immediately Within 24 Hours Of Signing Up, You Will Receive An Email To Redeem Your Trip. You Will Have 180 Days To Use It.

Q. Can You Help Me Obtain A Business Loan If I Need One ASAP?

A. Yes, We Have Access To Hundreds Of The Top Business Loans Zero Interest Rates Programs. Must Have Minimum 680 Plus FICO Score To Get The Highest Amount & Great Terms.

Q. Can I Build Business Credit With A DBA (Doing Business As} ?

A. No, (only exception) if you were the personal guarantor, which defeats the purpose.

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